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What Sets Your Blog Apart From All The Rest?

Ok, so I don’t have a lot of followers on here (YET), and still consider myself a “newbie” blogger.   But, what I want to know is, what sets your blog apart from all the rest?

My blog is still in it’s early stages and definitely needs to have some life put in it.  How do you make your blog stand out?  What are some tips and trick of the trade?  Help me out by sharing your secrets with me, either by commenting, sharing my post, or emailing me at  Follow me on Twitter at @thelibradiva.

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The “ABCs” of Disposing That ABC Gum

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at a desk or table in a public place, you accidentally reach under it for whatever reason, and EWWWW, there it is, that awful, dreaded Already Been Chewed wad of gum.

It’s yucky. It’s disgusting. It’s downright horrifying. Most of all, it’s unsanitary. 

So, here are 3 tips on how to properly dispose of your gum. Feel free to pass on to others so they may also learn and not stick their gum in places where it doesn’t belong. 

A. Grab a tissue, paper towel, a scrap of paper, any thing of the sort. 

B. Wrap gum up in said wrapper with the gum on the inside of the wrapper completely covered. 

C. Dispose of above-mentioned wrapped up piece of gum and throw in a trash receptacle and then go about your way. 

That is how you properly dispose of “ABC” gum. 

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So, as you know, I am new to this whole blogging concept, but, I’ve been reading up on and following fellow bloggers.  I think I’m ready to move into the next phase of this, but I can’t help but wonder… When adding pictures to your posts, how do you avoid copyright issues?  Where do the pictures come from?  Are any pictures out there on the internet fair game to use as I so please? How do I make my posts come alive with visual aids?

Hey you, yeah, you over there reading this?  Care to give me some feedback and/or advice on this subject matter? C’mon, help a girl out, would ya?


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20 Random Things I Love <3:

  1. My 2 Beautiful Daughters (They’re the reason I live & Breathe)
  2. My Husband (He is My Rock, my best friend & my biggest supporter)
  3. My Family (Because they’re always there for me)
  4. My Friends (Because without friends, especially BEST friends, what else have you got?)
  5. Music (No Matter what mood I’m in, there’s always a song to relate to)
  6. Books (I absolutely love to get lost in a fantasy world.)
  7. Making People Laugh (Laughter really is the best medicine)
  8. Autumn Season (My favorite of the 4 seasons, when the leaves are changing and the days are cool & crisp)
  9. Food (I’m from the South.  Food is our passion down here.)
  10. Vacationing in The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (It’s such a beautiful place and there is always so much to see & do while there)
  11. Romantic Comedies (Not that I don’t love a good action film, but I love living vicariously through those sappy “chick-flicks”)
  12. Dark Chocolate (Because it’s the best kind)
  13. Writing poetry (Like Dr. Seuss, I, too, love to Rhyme while sharing my feelings)
  14. Football, Beer & Chicken Wings (Yes, I’m a girl, but on game day, I love to be with the guys in front of the t.v.)
  15. Bowling (I’m not that great at it, but I enjoy playing for fun w/ family & friends)
  16. Coffee (Do I really need a reason for this one)?
  17. Chevrolet Trucks, Chevrolet Camaros & Corvettes, Ford Mustangs (American Muscle)
  18. Dirty Vodka Martinis w/ Extra Olives (My favorite drink with dinner)
  19. Trying out new restaurants (Different foods, different cooking styles, different locations, etc.)
  20. Holidays (Bringing people together to celebrate)
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